EDU 307: Children's Literature and Literacy

Spring 2018

We do not lock good teaching behind a vault using secret codes. Yet we use common instructional routines to unlock literacy. Yet specific combinations of intructional routines can open up the world of reading and writing.In this module we will explore instructional routines some effective and other's popular.

The Readings

Interactive Read-Alouds

McClure, E. L., & King Fullerton, S. (2017). Instructional Interactions: Supporting Students’ Reading Development Through Interactive Read-Alouds of Informational Texts. Reading Teacher71(1), 51–59. Reading

Reading and Writing Workshop

Ciampa, K. (2016). Implementing a Digital Reading and Writing Workshop Model for Content Literacy Instruction in an Urban Elementary (K-8) School. Reading Teacher70(3), 295–306. Reading

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Send a reply post to this page.


Workshop or Interactive Read-Aloud


Plan your workshop or read aloud routine. Publish how you would want to use one of these routines in your classroom


  • Define instructional routines
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of routines by examining video
  • Identify key elements of read aloud and workshop methods


  • Blog posts
  • use of quoted analysis
  • Evaluative comments to the teacher video