EDU 407

Spring 19

EDU 407: Beginning Readers

Meaning, a remix by jgmac1106 of Make your own drama / Faites votre cinéma [Explored] flickr photo by _Franck Michel_ shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license and "NASA's Webb Telescope Completes Mirror-Coating Milestone" flickr photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Literacy builds our lens on the world. Only through reflection and microscopic analysis of self, society and text can we pull back and see the telescopic view of knowledge in our universe. In this course we will explore the instructional routines, both big and small, that help bring the literacy classroom of upper elementary grades into focus

Objective One:

Examine the research on reading and writing to appreciate the complexity of reading and identify strategies, for effective teaching practices to diverse elementary students.

Objective Two:

Use a wide variety of instructional resources to plan and deliver literacy instruction that meets the developmental needs of elementary children

Objective Three:

connect with teachers, drawing upon your fieldwork, in their practices to gain insight about the implementation of varied approaches and help strengthen the link between theory and practi

Objective Four:

Develop a portfolio of lesson plans, across multiple modalities and digital tools, with objectives, measures of knowledge growth, and instructional activities aligned to local curricular goalls.

Objective Five:

Collaborate on a unit plan for teaching informational textwith measurable objectives for vocabulary, content knowledge, and skills.

Objective Six:

Analyze current research into practice peer reviewed journals and reflect on how findings and inspiration will get folded into your teaching identities.

Objective Seven:

Curate classroom ideas for book clubs and try out discussion techniques as we read two novels as a class, Handbook for Boys and Bucking the Sarge