EDU 307: Children's Literature and Literacy

Spring 2018

Instructional Routine II

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Some of the most poular instructional routines have little science to back up their continued use. Others claim what these programs do can not be measured. Every seems to clmaor on about "brain-based" reading while some claim knowledge doesn't exist in the brain? Whi is right but more importantly what do you believe?

The Readings

Interactive Read-Alouds

Scholastic. What is Guided Reading? (Beyond a Commercial Cash Cow).Link

Just Wrong Leveling

Hoffman, J. V. (2017). What If “Just Right” Is Just Wrong? The Unintended Consequences of Leveling Readers. Reading Teacher, 71(3), 265–273.

Knowledge over Skills

Lemov, D (2017).Why Knowledge Counts More Than SkillEducational Leadership

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Send a reply post to this page.


Take a position what do you link does leveling book and balanced literacy/guided reading work?


We will have two Google documents. As a class we will write two position papers. Chopose a side you agree with and start contributing to the essay. Please use evidence to back up your claims.


  • Use evidence of the efficacy of intructional routines
  • Contribute to a colloborative essay


  • Blog posts
  • use of quoted analysis
  • Evaluative comments to the teacher video