EDU 407: Beginning Literacy

Spring 2019

Theories of Meaning Making

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In #edu305 we explored the science of reading from more cognitivist and soci-cognivist lenses. In #edu407 we will explore other theories and how those influence society and clasroom.

The Readings

Lessons From Sociocultural Writing Research

Woodard, R., & Kline, S. (2016). Lessons From Sociocultural Writing Research for Implementing the Common Core State Standards. Reading Teacher70(2), 207–216. Reading

Thinking Globally in Literacy Instruction

Hoffman, J. V., Sailors, M., & Aguirre, S. H. (2016). Thinking Globally in Literacy Instruction: Making a Difference in the World. Reading Teacher70(2), 143–148. Reading

Critical Race Theory

Literacy Research Association. Critical Race Theory.

Instructional Routines

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

For each reading post a reply to this page with your synthesis post


What is your literacy mantra?

Take all the theory we have tackled over the last year, mix in your personal experience an pour out your philosophy of literacy education.


Get launched

Create your website and share your the url to your mantro post in the class chat


  • Post your literacy mantra explaining a personal philosophy
  • Connect to theories or theorists


  • Use of evidence from the readings to support mantr