EDU 407: Beginning Readers

Spring 2019

Spelling and Phonics

Very Funny Pics

If you want to know how well a student reads look at the spelling mistakes in their writing. The miscue analysis will be the same. In this module we explore the time when we shift from phonics into derivational spelling.

The Readings

Interactive Read-Alouds

Montelongo, J. A., Hernández, A. C., Herter, R. J., & Cuello, J. (2011). Using Congnates to Scaffold Context Clue Strategies for Latino ELs. Reading Teacher, 64(6), 429–434Link

Just Wrong Leveling

Bear, D. R., & Templeton, S. (1998). Explorations in developmental spelling: Foundations for learning and teaching phonics, spelling.. Reading Teacher, 52(3), 222.Link

Knowledge over Skills

Alderman, G. L., & Green, S. K. (2011). Fostering Lifelong Spellers Through Meaningful Experiences. Reading Teacher, 64(8), 599–605Link

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

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Write a lesson plan for a word sort and then analyze a students decoding ability given results of a miscue analysis


  • Define anbd compare spelling levels for grades 3-6
  • Analyze student artifacts to make data driven decisions about spelling and phonics skill


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  • use of quoted analysis
  • Lesson plans