EDU 407: Beginning Readers

Spring 2019

Spelling and Phonics

162: I drink vocabulary. flickr photo by bronx. shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

Where do we learn our words? What words do you teach? How can a student teachers claim struggles with comprehnsion give you every detail about triassic dinosaurs or tennis shoes? In this module we explore Academic Vocabulary.

The Readings

Jazzed up for Vocabulary

Gallagher, M. A., & Anderson, B. E. (2016). Get All “Jazzed Up” for Vocabulary Instruction: Strategies That Engage. Reading Teacher70(3), 273–282.

Disciplinary Literacy Development

Picot, C. J. (2017). Using Academic Word Lists to Support Disciplinary Literacy DevelopmentReading Teacher71(2), 215–220.

Got Words?

Flynt, E. S., & Brozo, W. G. (2008). Developing Academic Language: Got Words? Reading Teacher61(6), 500–502.

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Send a reply post to this page.


How does what you read in the class difer from the way you remember learning vocabulary?


Pick a few chapters from Handbook for Boys. Find academic vocabulary you can teach. Develop and share a plan


  • Define academic vocabulary
  • Identify and teach words through multiple repitions across multiple modalities


  • Blog posts
  • use of quoted analysis
  • Lesson plans